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50 West 23rd Street New York New York United States 10010,

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Bruce Buchanan


Company Description

Rokt is an ecommerce marketing technology that gives customers a personalized, and relevant experience while buying online. Established in 2012, Rokt is a provider of e-commerce solutions and products for businesses and brands. They are based in New York. Rokt helping companies seize the full potential of every transaction moment to grow revenue and acquire new customers at scale. Live Nation, Groupon, Staples, Lands' End, Fanatics, GoDaddy, Vistaprint and HelloFresh are among the more than 2,500 leading global businesses and advertisers that are using Rokt's solutions to drive more value through every transaction by offering highly relevant messages to their customers at the moment they are most likely to convert. Founded in Australia, the company now operates in 19 countries across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region with the largest office now in New York City.


Rokt Ecommerce: Increase revenue from your site

  • Use award-winning machine learning to offer the most relevant and personalized messages, products, services, and experiences for each customer from cart to confirmation page.

Rokt Ads: Acquire customers at scale

  • Rokt Ads is an exclusive, scalable acquisition channel within the transaction moment of major e-commerce websites, connecting your brand with customers in the buying mindset.

Rokt Calendar: Grow engagement with Calendar Marketing

  • Engage your audience through an entirely new marketing channel—Rokt Calendar. Drive results and measure impact with personalized outreach to each customer, sent when subscribers are most likely to engage.

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