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333 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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Helena Marcus


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Carta is a global ownership management platform that helps companies, investors, and employees manage equity and ownership. Founded in 2012, Carta, Inc is a technology company specializing in valuation software and capitalization table management. Based out of Palo Alto, Carta is a cloud-based equity management solution that helps investors, law firms, and public and private companies manage valuations, equity plans, cap tables, and investments. The solution enables users to track employee and non-employee equity on a unified platform, enabling them to handle employee stock purchase plans and administration efficiently.


  • Cap Table management: Cap table updates automatically when you issue electronic securities, raise a round, or get a 409A valuation
  • 409A valuations: Carta Valuations, LLC has a team of over 50 experienced analysts, who have valued hundreds of billions in assets
  • Scenario modeling: Sensitivity and breakpoint analysis, payout and dilution modeling
  • ASC 718 reporting: Stay audit-ready and GAAP compliant with real-time expense and disclosure reporting
  • Private company liquidity: Offer liquidity by running one-off transactions, tender offers, and stock buybacks

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