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Fin Tech


PreIPO provides a platform that allows users to invest in companies before their initial public offering. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida. PreIPO works with investors, issuers, financial institutions, corporations, and broker-dealers to enable the purchase of private market securities through expansive networks across the globe. By providing an AI-based diligence tool for evaluating opportunities, the PreIPO platform supports issuers seeking to raise capital through primary and secondary market offerings.

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Artificial Intelligence


MindMaze is developing a VR platform to map and respond to brain activity for healthcare and other applications. The company's products include Rehab DTx, Restore DTx, and digital assessments designed for the neuro care industry. Founded in 2012 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Developed digital Neurotherapy (DTx) devices designed to accelerate the brain's ability to recover, learn and adapt. The company uses immersive virtual reality, motion capture, and neurophysiological recording technologies to develop new technologies for neurorehabilitation, gaming training, and real-time 3D imaging that enable recovery of motor function in patients after stroke or brain injury. I am developing an interface.

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Games, Gaming/eSports

Epic Games

Epic Games is a large video game distributors & retailer company operating the e-commerce site epicgames.com. Epic Games sells its products and services in the video game distributors & industry. Epic Games offers discount codes and coupons to its customers occasionally. Epic Games is an American video game development company best known for its successful Gears of War series of games, as well as its Unreal Engine technology. Its subsidiaries are Chair Entertainment, People Can Fly, and Titan Studios. Epic Games was founded in 1991 and is based in Cary, North Carolina.

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Fin Tech


Brex is a B2B financial product provider that offers corporate credit cards for technology companies. Brex is the only account you’ll ever need. Payments, cards, capital, and spend management are all in one place. Brex makes it easy for finance teams and employees to spend smart, grow fast, and enjoy the ride.